Sunshine Room

In Sunshine room we have 20 children aged between two and five years. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, focusing on the 3 prime areas of learning, along with the 4 specific areas which are:

Understanding the World
Expressive Art and Design

Sun Top

During the day children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of carefully planned activities which are derived from the children’s individual interests and developmental needs, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential. Effective learning is achieved through all areas as staff ensure children can play and explore, are motivated and have opportunities to be creative and think for themselves. Whilst some activities are adult led, choice and spontaneous play is promoted throughout the day.

Themes based around children’s current interests are used to support and extend specific areas of children’s learning. We emphasise first hand experiences and view play and talk as powerful mediums through which children learn and develop. We plan a range of fun and exciting local trips which link the themes the children are learning and arrange for visitors to come into he setting to share their knowledge.

Sun Bottom

Because our outdoor area is vast, it provides valuable starting points for scientific discovery and problem solving and offers the children unique sensory experiences, arousing their sense of curiosity and wonder of the natural world. There is a growing area where children grow their own vegetables, which are used for mealtimes.

Social skills, such as sharing and turn taking are developed through planned group activities. Daily routines and a carefully planned environment allows children to develop a range of positive independent skills. The children serve themselves at mealtimes and are involved in the planning and preparation of all activities. Children all have their own water bottles with their photo on.

At Mildmay the children are offered a wide choice of creative and stimulating activities, time to explore, time to talk and be listened to, and time to learn through play. We provide children with a broad range of valuable skills and knowledge, essential for the preparation of school.