About Mildmay Community Nursery

  • About Us

    About Us

    Mildmay Community Nursery is a small establishment where children and families are valued and welcomed for their individuality. We have been providing a fun and stimulating educational environment since 1986.

  • What Is A Community Nursery?

    What Is A Community Nursery?

    A community Nursery is set up by the local community for the local community. Parental involvement in every aspect of planning and running the centre is essential in order to reflect the community’s needs as accurately as possible. We believe parents have knowledge and experience that should be recognised and used effectively. At Mildmay we try to foster a collaborative environment where staff, parents and children can work together for the good of all concerned. The Nursery runs a working weekend for parents every few months, where parents are invited into the setting on a Saturday to help with odd jobs and contribute to the maintenance of the Nursery. It also gives them an opportunity to socialise with other parents and children.

  • What Are We Trying To Create & Why?

    What Are We Trying To Create & Why?

    We hope to create a space where staff, parents and children value, respect and care for each other and their community, in a relaxed atmosphere that allows them to grow and learn about themselves and their world, through stimulating play and activities. Mildmay has an anti-discriminatory approach to caring for the under 5’s. To this end, we are positive about the cultural identity of all children and try to reflect this in the provision of toys and resources, menus and staff practice. Children are offered a wide range of play and learning experiences from 8am and throughout the day, interrupted only by meals and snack times. We have a safe and fully equipped outdoor area which is partly sheltered and available to children at all times throughout the day. Play and learning continues until 6pm, when the Nursery closes.

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